Allergens and Declarations

The Louisiana Dog Contains: mustard seeds 

Bun –  Contains: gluten (wheat) 

New Britain Beef Sauce – Contains: celery, mustard seed, sesame 
Cheese Sauce – Contains:  milk (butter, cheese), Sodium Citrate (E331).
The Grean Meanie – Contains: mustard seeds, egg yolks
Cole Slaw – Contains: mustard seed, egg yolks, milk, with Antioxidants (E385) 

Mustard – Contains: mustard seed 
Mayo – Contains: mustard seed, egg yolks, with Antioxidants (E385) 
Pickles –   Contains: mustard seed

Red Wine (Primitivo) – Contains: sulfites 
White Wine (Lugana) – Contains: sulfites

fritz-kola – Contains: with colorant (E150d), high caffeine (25mg/100ml) 
fritz-kola low sugar – Contains: with colorant (E150d), high caffeine (25mg/100ml) 
fritz-kola sugarfree – Contains: with colorant (E150d), high caffeine (25mg/100ml), with Artificial Sweetener 
fritz-limo zitronenlimonade – Contains: with Antioxidant 
mischmasch – Contains: with colorant (E150d), caffeine 
Iced Tea – Contains: caffeine 
Coffee – Contains: caffeine