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Brauerei Roppelt - Stiebarliembach, Franconia RB|BA
Roppelt Kellerbier Kellerbier
4.9% ABV
1% remaining
0,5l - 4,20 EUR   
Testbräu - Munich, Germany RB|BA
Sorachi Himbeere Blanche Raspberry Farmhouse Ale - Hops (Sorachi Ace)
5.3% ABV
26% remaining
0,3l * - 6,50 EUR   
Spezial - Bamberg, Deutschland RB|BA
Lagerbier Rauch Bier
4.7% ABV
1% remaining
0,3l - 3,50 EUR   0,5l * - 4,20 EUR   
Spezial - Bamberg, Deutschland RB|BA
Ungespundet Lager
4.7% ABV
1% remaining
0,5l * - 4,20 EUR   
Pohjala - Tallinn, Estonia RB|BA
Virmalised IPA
6.5% ABV
19% remaining
0,3l* - 6,90 EUR   
Knoblach - Litzendorf, Germany RB|BA
Sommerbier Summer Lager
5.0% ABV - 25 IBU
43% remaining
0,5l * - 4,20 EUR   

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We're not a bottle shop, but we have an ever changing selection of beer from brewers we consider friends and from the breweries that we have kegged beer from so you can try more of what they make! Don't forget, you can always buy our cans and bottles to bring home (or to work, or wherever you may be heading off to you sly dog you...)
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Don't worry, we have both kinds - red and white. Want rosé? We can mix them together.

We always have flat water, fizzy water, limo, cola, apfelsaftschörle and coffee. Unless we're out.

What About Booze?
We're a beer bar but there might be a bottle of something digestive or whisky-like behind the bar. No promises.