The Menu

The Hot Dogs – 9,40€

There’s many parts of America that lay claim to the hot dog – but in Central Connecticut, you arguably have some of the best. In fact the State of Connecticut’s tourism board has built a hot dog tour! With two of the founders hailing from the state, it’s only right that we pay a little homage to the dogs they grew up with!

The Classic Hot Dog
An all pork hot dog, not just inspired by Martin Rosol’s of New Britain, CT, they even gave us a hand finding the same style of casings they use! Simply seasoned with a few herbs and spices, a touch of paprika and butter roasted garlic, stuffed into a sheep’s casing and griddled right before we put it in one of our buns.

The Louisiana Dog
Based off of a recipe from Baltimore’s legendary (and now closed) Ostrowski’s Sausage Shop, this lightly smoked Andouille sausage is a little bit spicier and more herbal than our classic, but it’s a perfect hot dog when you’re looking for something a little zippier. All pork, lots of herbs and spices.

The Bird Dog
To the meat eaters who don’t want to eat pork, we’re giving you the bird. We’re also making a fantastic chicken hot dog. Don’t think of it as a substitute for our classic hot dog, this is a great hot dog all on its own with a different blend of herbs and spices meant to complement the chicken while still working with all of our toppings! We use a man-made casing so no pork, beef or sheep products are used in this dog.

The Vegan Dog
For those of you who decline the swine, we found a vegan alternative. We don’t make the sausage, but we stand behind it. (Vegan)

Premium Toppings – 0,60€

Pick 3 for free on each Hot Dog

New Britain Beef Sauce
Yes, chili may be classic in other parts of America as a hot dog topping, but true hot dog lovers know that nothing beats the meat sauce from Capitol Lunch in New Britain, CT. Rich, flavourful and the perfect complement to a hot dog, our mild all-beef sauce pays homage to Cappy’s legendary sauce (and we can’t wait for them to make a trip out here to see if ours is worthy of the name).

Chopped Cole Slaw
Throughout the South, folks like to add some coleslaw to the top of their dogs. Lightly vinegared, creamy and crisp, it also makes a great side dish. (Vegetarian)

Cheese Sauce
If you were ordering a cheesesteak in Philadelphia, the only way to get it is Wiz Wit – meaning with cheese sauce and caramelised onions. Our take on a Wiz Wit is a house made creamy cheddar cheese sauce made with a sprinkling of green onions. Don’t like green onions, you can get Wiz Witout! (Vegetarian)

Hot Pepper Relish
Aside from hot sauce or sliced pickled Jalapeños, this is probably the spiciest thing on our menu. Riffing off of the amazing pepper relish of Blackie’s in Cheshire, CT, we combine bell peppers, hot peppers, apple cider vinegar and a few secret spices and let it simmer down until we get a beautiful spicy pickled pepper relish! (Vegan)

Bacon. Cooked daily. Broken into bits. Eaten by the handful.

Mole Monaco
In Berlin, everyone wants Currywurst. That’s fine – they can keep it. We prefer the rich flavor of our Mole Monaco. Inspired by the classic Mole Poblano with mild chiles and dark chocolate, ours is designed to complement our hot dogs perfectly. (Vegan)

House Made BBQ Sauce (Vegan)

Shredded Cheese

Pickle Wedge

Free Stuff

Hot Sauces from Gorki Chili in Slovenia

Mustard, Ketchup and Mayo

Chopped Onions, Green Onions, Roasted Onions

Pickled Jalapeño Rings


Garlic Oil

The Sloppy Joe – 8,20€

Take our perfect brioche roll and pack it full with our New England Meat Sauce, Cheese Sauce, Hot Pepper Relish and our Housemade BBQ sauce and you have our take on the American school lunch staple, turned up to 11.

Sides and Snacks

Macaroni Salad – 3,50€
Who doesn’t love a great mac salad? Hell, we’ll get a double portion and have it for dinner! Mayo, mustard, hard boiled eggs, herbs, green onions and roasted red peppers are combined with freshly cooked noodles to make a mac salad you’ll crave! (Vegetarian)

Brezn Bites – 3,50€
A little sweet, a little salty and very crunchy – the perfect snack when you’re enjoying a great beer (or two, or three). Add cheese sauce or meat sauce on the side for a real treat. (Vegan – unless you add the meat or cheese sauce, but you probably figured that out already)

Other Beverages

Don’t worry, we have both kinds – red and white.
Red Wine – Primitivo (Italy) – 0,2l – 7,50€
White Wine – Lugana (Italy) – 0,2l – 7,50€
Want rosé? We can mix them together.

We always have flat water, fizzy water, limo, cola, apfelsaftschörle and coffee. Unless we’re out.

mineral water (fizzy or flat) – 0,33l – 2,50€
fritz-kola – 0,33l – 3,50€
fritz-kola sugarfree – 0,33l – 3,50€
fritz-limo® zitronenlimonade – 0,33l – 3,50€ 
mischmasch – 0,33l – 3,50€
fritz-spritz bio-apfelsaftschorle – 0,33l – 3,50€
fritz-spritz ® bio-rhabarbersaftschorle – 0,33l – 3,50€
Iced Tea – 0,5l – 3,50€
Coffee – 3,50€

What About Booze?
We’re a beer bar but there might be a bottle of something digestive or whisky-like behind the bar. No promises.