The Hop Dog Manifesto

We love Hotdogs! Not just any Hotdogs but ones made from organic meat, spices, garlic and chillies.
That’s it. No fillers. No mystery meat – and we do a vegan one too!
Those Hotdogs arrive in amazing buns. Locally produced and made from natural ingredients with love.
Chilli is nice, but we have a great range of sauces to compliment our Hotdogs. From Slovenia to Central Connecticut. We got you covered.

We also love beer. That’s why we have fifteen of them on tap. Some of our taps pour beer from modern brewers. Most of our taps are from traditional Franconian breweries doing great classic styles. None of them are available on tap anywhere else in Munich.

We never take money from breweries nor do we charge breweries to have a tap. At most, we’ll take a couple of stickers for the wall, and maybe some flyers so you can learn more about the beer you’re drinking. Maybe a t-shirt… Let’s face it, who doesn’t like a t-shirt?

We serve awesome beer that we think you will like as much as we do.

No, we won’t turn the music down.