Other Drinks

Don’t worry, we have both kinds – red and white. Want rosé? We can mix them together.

We always have flat water, fizzy water, limo, cola, apfelsaftschörle and coffee. Unless we’re out.

mineral water (fizzy or flat)
fritz-kola 1,11b
fritz-kola sugarfree 1,8,11b
fritz-limo® zitronenlimonade 3
mischmasch 1,11a
fritz-spritz bio-apfelsaftschorle
fritz-spritz ® bio-rhabarbersaftschorle
Ice Tea 11a
Coffee 11a

What About Booze?
We’re a beer bar but there might be a bottle of something digestive or whisky-like behind the bar. No promises.

Declarations:  1) With Colorants  3) With Antioxidants  8) With Sweeteners  11a) Caffeine 11b) High Caffeine (25mg/100ml)
Allergene:  a) Has Gluten  c) Eggs   f) Soy Beans  g) Milk  i) Celery  j) Mustard  k) Sesame Seeds